PS Advisor February 2018 Issue

What About GlowFast Tethers?

In response to your request regarding safety tether knowledge or suggestions (see “Safety Tether Warning,” Inside Practical Sailor) please test and include information about Glowfast’s HLR Safety Line system.

Matt Breckenfeld

Irish Boat Shop, Inc.

Charlevoix, MI

We did short review on the Glowfast Tether (see “A Second Look at Safety Gear,” PS August 2015) and the link to this review now appears in the blog post you mention. The Glowfast has a modified three-ring release that is used in skydiving gear and other high-load applications. It is the only true release-under-load system we’ve tried, but resetting it is tricky (Glowfast has an online video to teach). Even if you felt perfectly confident with resetting the tether’s quick-release arrangement, we would still recommend a quick-release snap-shackle at the harness end. (The Glowfast comes standard with a cow hitch at the harness end.) The snap-shackle would let the wearer quickly disconnect and reconnect if he became tangled while working on deck. Reconnecting on the fly will not be possible without making this change.

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I believe the carabiner is a Kong Tango, the same as on West Marine tethers.

Posted by: Drew Frye | January 20, 2018 3:41 PM    Report this comment

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